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100 Pack Classic

100 Pack Classic

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The 100 Pack carries a low price per hold. This is achieved by choosing grips that are smaller in size while delivering a positive grip for the beginner climber. This is the set to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. 

Choose this set for school and camp walls. For the climber coming from a commercial climbing gym and now building a home wall, consider this set if you are building a vertical wall. Otherwise, the Steep Wall Pack may be better suited for you. 


  • 21 Classic (Tennis shoe friendly footholds) 
  • 21 Font (Tennis shoe friendly footholds)
  • 15 Classic (A variety of medium-sized holds that have a positive grip)
  • 10 Granite (Granite rock textured edges)
  • 12 Mini Jugs (Medium-sized jugs)
  • 10 Classic Jugs (Slightly larger holds than the previous 12 Mini jugs)
  • 12 Limestone Jugs (Slightly larger holds than the previous 10 Classic jugs)


Please call to order: 978-355-6400

Prices may vary depending on hardware and color choices.

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