At Rockwerx, our goal is to provide superior quality climbing products to more effectively spread the joy of climbing among our clients.  Our Custom Climbing Walls and Modular Panels are the best in the climbing industry. If you want more flexible route setting options, unmatched durability and a great looking, superior climbing surface on your walls, we have what you’re looking for.  

What Rockwerx does BEST!

- Highest quality, most durable, and longest lasting climbing walls in the industry

- Highly personalized design process

- Consulting with real industry experience in a variety of forms

- Highly flexible production to accommodate any request no matter how out of the box

- Integration of Volumes with wall surface for the most flexible route setting possible


    No matter what type of wall you choose to use, the foundation material that the texture is built up on is plywood. Unlike a lot of other manufacturers who use OSB or ‘particle board’ in their walls, we use high quality structural grade ¾ inch Baltic Birch plywood. This higher-end material is much less flexible than OSB, which also adds to the realistic feel of the wall.


    We take a lot of pride in the quality of our textures.  Whether you are looking for our timeless concrete Gym Rock, our aggregate coated plywood with our Gym Rock Lite, or thinking our hybrid mix of the two is for you, we have you covered.  We are the only wall manufacturer that can offer both products side by side whether it be on the face of a wall or at a corner.  In regards to surface quality, our Gym Rock product naturally resists streaks and lasts for decades!  The surface is built up both chemically and mechanically then stamped to provide it with a real rock feel


    One of the biggest complaints for climbing walls is the t-nuts (the connection for the climbing hold) striping out of the plywood when the hold is tightened. This is a common occurrence which requires someone to climb the inside of the wall to replace. We solved the problem by using a better t-nut. And the difference is huge, with minimal maintenance over the lifetime of the wall.

    As builders of the most durable commercial climbing gyms in the world, we understand the importance that t-nuts play over the lifespan of a climbing wall. A climbing wall with failed t-nuts becomes limited and eventually useless. Poor quality t-nuts make route-setting a chore. Our goal is to provide the absolute highest quality modular hold attachment system available and we have spared no expense in creating a system that we believe to be unmatched in this industry.


    Our attention to surface detail doesn’t stop on the visible climbing surface. If you’ve ever been pumped at the top of a climb and maybe hesitant to clip into the last draw or reach to the top of the wall not knowing if you will be able to get good grip. On a Rockwerx wall, you can be sure to find a bomber hold at the top of the wall! Our Top of Wall detail is ergonomically designed for optimum shape and providing just the right amount of texture where you want it.