Rockwerx offers flooring solutions for all of your climbing needs.

  • Indoor rock climbing gym with an orange and gray tone rock climbing lead cave with top rope and auto belay options to the right side, and a neatly laid carpet bonded foam floor.

    Roped Flooring

    2” to 8” thick flooring utilizing carpet bonded foam top layer with a foam underlayer for extra protection and a clean edge detail.  Underlayment is not available for 2” options.

  • Rock climbing gym bouldering cave to the left, walking path to the right, and a neatly laid out black fabric covered bouldering foam flooring in the middle and under the boulder cave.

    Boulder Flooring

    8” to 12” single layer high density polyurethane flooring for boulder walls that will last years.  By utilizing a higher quality single layer you can avoid foam dust and get more years out of your floor.  Rockwerx bouldering floors come in a modular layout in both vinyl and nylon (cloth) covering options.

  • A moderately sized custom sculpted gym rock (concrete) flat rock climbing surface against a wall, with four belay stations, two auto belays, and folding security mats lined up at the bottom.

    Security Mats

    2” to 4” folding mats that can be utilized for traverse walls and simple top rope walls.  Security matts provide protection to climbers while on the wall but when the wall is in use they can fold up against the climbing wall to prevent climbers from using the wall when unsupervised.

  • A roll of carpet bonded foam on its side, in the color blue.

    The Carpet - Carpet Bonded Foam

    Our Bonded Flooring system begins with 16oz, high-durability carpet. This is the strongest carpet used anywhere in the climbing industry, yet it is soft, with the touch of velour. The polyolefin fibers (pile, nap) are low profile and cannot be pulled out by velcro or overuse – a problem common to less expensive and lighter weight carpets. Similar products may look the same as ours, but don’t be fooled by 10–14 oz. Brand X imitations. Lighter weight carpets simply do not provide the quality, durability, and performance a high traffic gym demands.

  • The Foam - Carpet Bonded Foam

    Bonded underneath our high quality carpet is a state of the art closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. This style of foam is renowned for its shock absorption and resiliency. It’s proven to substantially outlast non-cross–linked foam, as its cell structure will not breakdown under repeated compression. Other polyethylene foams may look and feel like ours, but without its unique chemical composition, they are unable to deliver the shock absorption and resiliency needed in a quality climbing facility.

  • The Underlayment Foam

    For purposes that demand support, this foam works well in cushions, furniture and seating where enhanced firmness is desired. The quality and firmness of the foam translates to long-lasting mattresses. The foam's density allows it to be used in body wedges, as well as around the house in gardening or kneeling pads and even as camping pads.

  • A closer look at the folding security mats used at the bottom of a flat climbing wall, often used for traverse walls.

    The Security Mats

    Our security mats are a great safety option for any Rockwerx wall. They provide a padded landing surface when the wall is in use, and prevent unsupervised climbing and injuries when the wall is not in use. Our mats are 4′ wide, 6′ or 8′ high, and 2″-4” thick. The bottom of the mats bolt into the climbing wall, preventing any slippage and not allowing anyone climb up under the mats when the wall is closed. The top of the mats bolt into a plate mechanism that is fastened to the wall. All of the mats lock together with velcro strips.