People laying down on rock climbing volumes spread out on the padded flooring of a climbing gym with climbing holds in piles around the flooring perimeter.


Rockwerx Climbing Volumes are an excellent solution for giving depth to flat walls or extra technical features to custom walls.  Coated with our super durable Gym Rock Lite surface coating, they fit seamlessly onto our Gym Rock Lite plywood walls and on any of our Gym Rock concrete walls.  They also will work with any standard commercial climbing wall or similar product.  With several different shapes and even more sizes to choose from, Rockwerx volumes can accommodate any space or budget. These 3D shapes come in a broad range of colors, and are covered in t-nuts, giving you tons of options for adding holds. Whether adding some interest to a traverse wall or making a vertical climb more challenging, Rockwerx Volumes will provide excitement for climbers of any skill level.

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