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Modular Panel - Mini

Modular Panel - Mini

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These Modular Panels are our online-only offering. Measuring at 3'11" long by 1'11" wide and 3/4" thick, these flat modular panels are the perfect solution for straightforward designs on a budget, and small enough for easy handling.

The panels are easy to install and attach directly to your wall, meaning they take up next to no space. Modular panels are perfect for school gymnasiums, playgrounds, auditoriums, and homes and can be installed in a few hours either by maintenance staff, a local contractor, or our team of professionals. These panels can be aligned vertically for roped climbing or horizontally for traversing. 

Key Points:

  • Attaches to horizontal ledger system
  • Durable and easy to clean abrasive coating
  • 18 T-nuts per panel
  • 4 holds per panel (recommended)
  • 14 Standard Colors


*** Please Note ***

All Modular Panels are Custom Built to Order

Lead Time for Gym Rock Lite is Generally 4-6 Weeks

The Modular Panel Minis are packaged and shipped via UPS Ground. Each Panel weighs 20lbs. Only 4 panels will be grouped per package. Multiple packages may be shipped based on the number of Panels you order. 

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