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Grizzly Holds Homewall Set 30 Pack

Grizzly Holds Homewall Set 30 Pack

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Add some variety to your home wall training. This 30-pack includes pinches, jugs, slopers, edges and feet, along with the bolts you need to mount them. Each hold is designed to fit with the others, giving you endless options to create new and different shapes (or even blockers) on your wall. Your wall doesn't have T-nuts? The hand holds have both bolt and screw holes, so you can mount them however your wall allows.

Box Contents:

  • 2 Slopers - Black
  • 5 Pinches - Blue
  • 10 Edges - Pink
  • 5 Jugs - Red
  • 8 Jibs – Green
  • 22 Bolts

*Each box contains the same holds in the same colors

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