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Fraggle Full Body Harness

Fraggle Full Body Harness

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Art.-Nr. 743330041380
Weight 293 g

Fully-adjustable children’s harness for the climbing stars of the future. Produced sustainably and in a resource-conserving manner in accordance with the strict bluesign® system.



  • 2 very strong gear loops offering more safety
  • Adjustable leg loops with a sandwich structure for optimum fit
  • Tie-in point with a textile abrasion protector
  • 3D mesh padding and soft edging for optimal comfort
  • Moveable foam waist padding allows the tie-in point and the four fixed gear loops to be centered and aligned
  • Slide Block buckles for a comfortable and secure harness fit

Technical Information

  • Certification : EN 12277 Typ C
  • Adjustable leg loops: Yes
  • Moveable foam waist padding: Yes
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