Rock climbing bouldering wall in a climbing gym, with padded flooring.

Custom Walls

At Rockwerx, our goal is to provide the highest quality climbing walls in the U.S.A.  Our experience and in-depth design process can take any dream or idea and turn it into a reality.  Your climbing wall should be a reflection of you and the people climbing it and it should last for many years to come.  Our customers are passionate about climbing and our custom walls ensure their passion has a place to thrive.  If you want the most flexible routesetting possible, unmatched durability and a great looking, superior wall, our custom wall system is what you’re looking for.

  • Super durable rock climbing wall surface material called Gym Rock Lite.


    The Gym Rock Lite texture is the strongest performing aggregate based texture on the market.  We use a proprietary coating system to ensure that each panel will outperform and outlast its competition.  The finish offers great texture and friction, and is guaranteed to maintain extreme durability and is very simple to clean.

    Our coating system is also entirely scuff resistant.  What sets Gym Rock Lite apart is its ability to resist shoe marks and any other marks.  When it does need spot cleaning it is also very easy to wipe down.  


    These walls can also accommodate many climbing holds and volumes for lots of options to place and change the climbing routes.

  • A rock-like rock climbing wall surface called Gym Rock.


    Our Gym Rock texture really sets us apart. The texture itself is a two-part application of a cement-like product attached both mechanically and chemically creating the most durable climbing wall surface on the market. This texture is specifically engineered for our climbing walls, and is designed to be quite flexible while appearing and feeling very rigid. Despite our ‘beefed-up’ building practices, all walls experience some degree of settling. Our texture can actually move with the structure, eliminating structural cracking and chipping that is common as a result of flex.

    During the application of the second coat, the texture is stamped with micro-features molded from actual rock, and closely resembles flat granite. It is thicker than most surface textures, allowing us to round out edges for a more natural looking seamless construction. The surface looks great, and climbs even better. It is perfect for edging and smearing, can be molded into holds in tricky placement areas, like the outside edges of arêtes and the inside corners of dihedrals, and provides positive, realistic feeling for jamming in cracks.


    While feeling like natural rock, our Gym Rock coating is still flat enough to use volumes everywhere on the wall which is not common with cement style climbing walls.  Gym Rock walls allow the flexible route setting of a plywood wall with the enhanced durability of a cement wall.

  • A 3D rendering of a rock climbing wall for a new indoor climbing gym.


    The process begins with our head designer and wizard, Bob Begin.  With a background in architecture he takes your dreams, your needs, and your budget and creates the vision for us to bring into reality. Over a series of design meetings, a finalized design is produced to be approved by you, and then the internal structure is designed and engineered. Once the structure is finalized, everything is sent to the Rockwerx shop to be prefabricated before it is shipped to site to be constructed by our skilled installation crew.

  • The steel superstructure that supports the climbing wall surface being build in a rock climbing gym. This structure is for bouldering.


    The entire climbing wall framework and surface paneling will be manufactured using welded steel and high quality plywood. The steel structure will be prefabricated in the Rockwerx facility and shipped to the job-site for installation. All work will be completed by the Rockwerx road-crew, who are experienced in field installations.  While this is our standard process we are also used to getting creative to work with the needs of our clients.  Have a crazy idea?  Don’t hesitate to let us know!